The ideal solution for your sanitary requirements:
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  • The Company

  • The plumbing and heating company Fumasoli F. & Son was intially founded by Fiorello Fumasoli as a sole proprietorship company over 35 years ago, his son Demis (a Federal certified technical diploma) entered the company in 1996, the company then became Fumasoli F. & Son.
  • The company now carries out its activities with the help of 13 qualified professionals, technicians, fitters, apprentices and employees, all in constant training.
  • Working with the family-owned company Fumasoli F. & Son is synonymous with friendliness, availability and politness. These important qualities combines professionalism with which the staff works to provide timely and accurate service to its customers wether private, industrial, government or Architects.
  • Services

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  • Sanitary systems, heating systems, heat pumps air/water - water/water - geothermal systems, swimming pools ...
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  • Partners

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  • A wide choice of quality products.
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